Digital Bullying Must End

With the rising issue of social media and digital forums, comments, photos, posts, and unique individual/user content shared by individuals can often be viewed by strangers and acquaintances alike. Cyberbullying also includes photos, messages, or pages that are not taken down, even after the person has been asked to do so. The stress of being in a constant state of upset or have fear can lead to problems with mood, energy level, sleep, and appetite.

We are a highly dedicated and specialist coalition of organisations and individuals, working beside each other – together to achieve our vision to: stop digital bullying and create safer environments in which children and young people can live, grow, play and learn. We welcome membership from any organisation or individual that back our vision and support a free network of thousands of schools and colleges.

We are supported in this venture by our partners; one is searchbutlers digitaland the other is from Melbourne, They provide u with financial, community and profession support to keep our mission alive and end the problem of cyber bullying.

Put simply it’s anything that gets posted online and is meant to hurt, harass, or upset someone else. Sometimes, online bullying, like other kinds of bullying, can lead to serious long-lasting problems.